An Update About InterLibrary Loans…

Attention to those patrons who use our InterLibrary Loan service:

I have a number of Inter-library Loan requests sitting on hold because of problems with the recent Agent upgrade. Auto-graphics just informed us it could be next week before they come up with a solution to this problem. If you have put in any ILL requests since Monday July 14, they have not been fulfilled. However, I will hold these and get them placed as soon as they get this problem resolved. It’s a very big inconvenience and I sincerely apologize. I hope we get this resolved quickly so I can continue providing our wonderful patrons with items they wish to use! — Alyssa, InterLibrary Loan Specialist

The Sock Rockerz Are Coming!

Come see The Sock Rockerz on Friday, July 11 at 3:00 pm!

The Sock Rockerz are a band from Nashville, TN who rock in silly socks! The performers are two dynamic theater performers who cater to preschool through elementary ages. Grab your silly socks and join Natalie and her life-sized furry friend for a fun packed concert that’s sure to leave you smiling (and exhausted!).

sock rockerz 2